Defence Consultancy

Direct Action Australia is North Queensland’s Defence consultancy service of choice. Fundamentally, Direct Action focuses on two core elements within the Defence Consultancy Service, they are: a service external to the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO), assisting organisations to do business with Defence and a service internally delivered on behalf of Defence and as an embedded capability solution assisting in complex collective training development right down to filling the capability gaps and hollowness within an ADO.   Direct Action’s highly experienced professionals are the SMEs that possess the knowledge and experience to assist the contracted organisations to understand and meet all individual and corporate governance requirements and expectations of the ADO, Direct Action can assist in the following areas:

  • company representation and liaison with the ADO, or third party organisations representing or doing business with the ADO
  • capability definition
  • requirements analysis
  • business case/tender development
  • research and analysis
  • complex training documentation development (events lists, physical and human environmental landscape architecture)