Business Mentoring & Coaching

Direct Action Australia offers a selection of services for both your business and personal needs.  Remain focussed on the 'bigger picture' issues including:

  •  staff development
  •  customer focus
  •  balancing your work & personal life.
  •  real estate industry

Our “shoulder to shoulder” approach to business coaching lifts your vision beyond the day to day running of the business.  We fit into your daily business routine by taking the time to move with you, listen and observe.

Our unique combination of experiential learning in criterion environments and our coaching/mentoring style allows us to assist all types of businesses.  We can assist our clients in improving their communication with staff & stakeholders alike.  Coaching programs can be tailored for owners or managers of small to medium sized businesses through to working group team coaching or executive team members at the individual level with the assurance of confidentiality and understanding.

We recognise that every organisation is different and that it takes time and acceptances for change. To meet your specific situation, we can integrate a range of services into the one package. No matter what your business requirements, we can provide the services you need to achieve your goals. It's what you can expect from our “should to shoulder” approach.


As young business owners, we had the passion, we had the dream, but we didn’t have the correct procedures in place to ensure we had a business that was working efficiently for us. After realising the amount of physical and mental stress that we were inflicting onto ourselves, we contacted Jim from Direct Action.

Jim automatically focused on not only our business needs, but also our personal needs to ensure we had the correct balance in our life. He listened to us and observed how our business was being run on a day to day basis. We spoke openly about our strengths and weaknesses and what our main concerns were.  From this, we learnt that communication had become one of our greatest weaknesses.  We were mentored on how to communicate not only with each other, but with our other staff members. We were coached on how to deal with the everyday stresses that running a successful business throws at you. 

In the past 3 months, since we started working with Jim, the vision of our business has changed. We are no longer ‘working in a business’, we are making our business work for us. We are constantly learning and trying to improve.
It has been an absolute pleasure working closely with Jim and we appreciate everything he continues to do for our business.

Matthew & Kimberly Bourke - Owners of Mark Nixon Automotive


Thank you Jim for your personal and professional assistance over the last 6 months as we worked to formalise our family business into a registered company. Your patient and visionary one-on-one guidance, coaching, and mentoring has been invaluable to us in clarifying our vision and streamlining our company policies and procedures. Your professional and friendly approach has helped us to establish a solid business foundation, ensuring we build a strong team with a structure that allows us to further grow our business.

What we appreciate most is your ability to be professional while not losing sight of the human side of business. We would highly recommend you to any business, both new and established, who are looking to set up and strengthen their processes and expand their vision for growth.

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